My first art show

My school does a pretty good job at helping students spread their wings after graduation. This presents itself in different ways, but one of them is their involvement in public art. The Twin Rivers Art Center, an art society in Mankato, Minnesota, rotates art displays throughout the year to provide the population with a variety of interesting or inspiring art. This month from March 16 through April 19, my school was going to supply the art and give their students some exposure. So for several weeks leading up to the showing, they evaluated work from students. Once evaluated, a limited number or students would have their work shown at Twin Rivers!

I have never submitted anything to an art show before. This is mostly because most of my work contains practical designs and not pieces of fine art, or some inspiring expression. However, I have done some photography! That totally counts for an art show! Continue reading

Project Blogging – Sometimes a portfolio isn’t enough. 

Don’t get me wrong, portfolios are great. They give people a visual representation of your work and your style. But sometimes there are projects with more information than can be condensed down to an image description in a portfolio.

This second blog will be dedicated to sharing cool projects with my readers. It will give me the opportunity to give you a glimpse into my process. The client’s desires, early sketches, finer details, etc. are examples of what I can share here that simply can’t make it into my portfolio page.

I will post my first project in the near future. Until then, check out my portfolio to get a taste of what you may see on this blog!

“Nothing Says Fun Like Comic Sans”

Have you said that exact phrase? If you haven’t, you’ve probably heard someone else say it. At the very least, you’ve had this thought. It’s so whimsical and playful, right? Well, it’s also easy and childish: reserved for quickly designing a lemonade sign for your child’s road-side stand. Now before you think I’m expecting professional work from non-designers, let me stop you. It doesn’t have to look like you went to school for Typography, but you can put more thought into your work. Comic Sans is not the only abused font. Oh, no! Ever hear of Trajan Pro? Or maybe Papyrus? While watching Avatar for the first time, I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw Papyrus used as the subtitle font. I never expected Hollywood level artists to touch it as it tends to be a first choice for natural or organic text. These fonts are the first to come to mind, but there are several others on my list of fonts I RARELY use. Continue reading