My school does a pretty good job at helping students spread their wings after graduation. This presents itself in different ways, but one of them is their involvement in public art. The Twin Rivers Art Center, an art society in Mankato, Minnesota, rotates art displays throughout the year to provide the population with a variety of interesting or inspiring art. This month from March 16 through April 19, my school was going to supply the art and give their students some exposure. So for several weeks leading up to the showing, they evaluated work from students. Once evaluated, a limited number or students would have their work shown at Twin Rivers!

I have never submitted anything to an art show before. This is mostly because most of my work contains practical designs and not pieces of fine art, or some inspiring expression. However, I have done some photography! That totally counts for an art show! Once I decided I would submit a piece of photography, I jumped into Photoshop to refine one of my better photography pieces. Below is the photo I started with, paired with the edited version that I actually submitted.

After submitting my files I waited for about three weeks to learn that my photograph would be used! I was pretty excited! Not for the art show. Honestly, I had never been to an art show before. I was excited that I was competitive!

On March 16th, the art gallery opened and had an open house to attract people to come see the art. There was music, food, wine and lots of people to talk to. At this event, I was able to re-connect with past professors and classmates and meet some cool people from the art society.

The next day, I returned to show the exhibit to my girlfriend, who insisted she take a picture of me with my contribution. She has a proud support that is actually really contagious 🙂


This was a good experience for me for a couple reasons. It felt really good to see my work among other impressive pieces of art and know that I “fit in”. It was also great to share my process with others as they asked questions. If nothing else, I learned that I actually quite enjoy art shows.

If you have not attended an art show, I highly recommend that you do so. I can’t speak for all art shows, but I was inspired by others’ work and the conversations that I had with local art enthusiasts. And hey, there’s usually wine!

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Melissa Meyer Nault · March 24, 2017 at 8:09 am

Nice Job, Noah!! So proud of you!

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